Curriculum Vitae

As an experienced Geographic Information professional I am familiar with managing very large scale datasets (often several gigabytes in size) and I have a fundamental understanding of geographic data - including postal geographies which

  • change through time meaning data have to be cleaned extensively to ensure postal codes are relevant to a given time period; and
  • require postcode indices to be maintained to ensure that for any given time period there are no duplicate postcodes and split postcodes are combined and assigned to a Unitary Local Authority.

I have good problem solving, communication and people skills. These are constantly being developed, but have benefited in particular from:

  • managing a project team developing desktop and Internet GIS applications for Communities Scotland
  • dealing extensively with Communities Scotland's external partners
  • presenting papers at Geographic Information conferences to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • managing a data resource with an annual budget in excess of £120,000
  • representing Communities Scotland and the Scottish GI industry as a Board member for the Association for Geographic Information (Scotland)