Curriculum Vitae
GIS Consultancy Work

2003/2004 Independent Consultant in New Zealand

In June 2003 I took a Civil Service career break from Communities Scotland to further develop my personal skills in New Zealand. During this period I have provided data and GIS consultation services to a number of clients including Canterbury Musem and Davis Ogilvie Partners (land development professionals).

Developing my technical, project management and communication skills, the work I completed included:

  • implementing a free to use GIS (utilising public domain information and software)
  • developing an ArcGIS solution for analysing property records across New Zealand

Communities Scotland, Neighbourhood Intelligence

As GIS Co-ordinator for Communities Scotland from 1998 through 2003 I co-ordinated a central team of information specialists who provided consultancy and support to both internal business teams and external clients such as the wider Scottish Executive, Housing Associations and private firms such as DTZ Pieda.

These services ranged from information analysis and support to the provision of spatial information products (individual maps through to the provision of software tools), project managment and advice on using and implementing geographically referenced information.