Curriculum Vitae
July 2005 - Present: Stagecoach Group, Perth, Scotland

As the Data and Market Analyst for Stagecoach I have a wide and varied role. Primarily responsible for managing demographic and customer information to support both research & development and marketing activities, I also play a role in leveraging the value of information maintained by the company to get buses out of the depot on time.

Stagecoach is unique in its approch to customer information management within the UK transportation sector and I play a major role in managing this electronic data.

June 2003 - September 2004: Civil Service Career Break - Independent GIS Consultant, New Zealand

On a sabbatical from Communities Scotland I travelled to New Zealand to further my professional technical and project management and personal skills as an independent Geographic Information consultant to Davis Ogilvie & Partners and Canterbury Museum in Christchurch.

Using my experience of exploiting housing and demographic datasets within GIS, my primary success during this trip was helping Davis Ogilvie implement a property based GIS which was unique in their market.

August 1998 - July 2005: Communities Scotland, Thistle House, Haymarket, Edinburgh

As the GIS co-ordinator for Communities Scotland, I am responsible for delivering the GIS Strategy. I manage the delivery of software, data, and training for the organisation and chair the internal Geographic Information User Group. A key role involves documenting user needs, planning and project managing application development.

I co-ordinated a multi-agency Internet GIS pilot which draws on data from numerous public organisations and the private sector. The Webmapping Pilot was recognised as an important vehicle for delivering the Scottish Executive's Modernising Government targets.

I represent the organisation as an active member of the Scottish Executive / Ordnance Survey Consortium, an Executive Board member of the Association of Geographic Information (Scotland); and on the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics ICT working group.

November 1997 - August 1998: Clackmannanshire Council Development Services, Greenfield, Alloa

As a GIS Technical Assistant, I developed a strategy for capturing property records to GIS and Microsoft Access; developed a system to meet the strategy aims; and interpreted title deeds to populate the GIS based system. I also represented Development Services as GIS co-ordinator, liaising with senior Council management and Forth Valley GIS consultants to plan future GIS developments within the department.

September 1995 - August 1997: Department of Geography, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA

A research assistant to the Department of Geography and the Byrd Polar Research Center, I secured a number of grants (including NASA funding) to pursue two key research projects:
Quelccaya: Using satellite imagery and aerial photographs, I mapped the areal change in Peru's Quelccaya ice cap: changes in the areal extent of montane glaciers provide a good indication of climatic change. Many human activities are largely contingent on water resources provided by the glacier, and so this project will facilitate resource management plans in the region.
Antarctica: From GPS data collected in the field, I created a surface model 20 kilometres in diameter around South Pole Station. This is the first such map of the South Pole derived from GPS data and will serve as the baseline against which subsequent elevation data can be compared to assess surface changes in polar climates.

March 1995 - September 1995: SCOTTISHPOWER, Portobello, Scotland

As a GIS trainer, I designed and implemented a complete suite of large scale training programmes (including full support documentation) for both ScottishPower and agency data capture staff. Using the Xerox Proscan II GIS system, users required instruction from basic operations (opening a map on screen and printing) to complex vector drawing, allowing network changes to be made straight to the GIS.

June 1993 - September 1993: Lebanon County Conservation District, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

Working as an intern on the Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Protection Program, I built a 27-theme GIS database for local government use. I digitised land parcels, geology, soil types, sewer lines, and wetlands and river themes, and also created maps of areas susceptible to water pollution.